Best Gardening Stools & Benches for Seniors | 2020 Review

Gardening Stools and Benches

Gardening can be labor-intensive work so it’s not a bad idea to have a durable gardening stool on hand so you can sit and rest any time your leg or back starts to ache a little.

Product NameOur RatingFeatures
TomCare Gardening Stool★★★★★Kneeling Functionality
Pure Garden 82-VY021★★★★Mobile Wheels
Vertex Garden Rocker★★★★Contoured rocking base
SONGMICS Garden Kneeler Seat★★★★★Storage Pouches

Gardening Stool Features to Watch Out For

Consider the following features when you are shopping around for a gardening stool or gardening bench. In addition to the actual seat, some benches will come with additional features that add convenience and flexibility.

Kneeling Functionality

Some gardening stools will also come with a kneeling functionality so that you have some padding between the ground and your knees whenever you bend down to do some gardening work. This is useful if you don’t want your knees to get dirty or the yard soil consists of rocks and other debris.

Durable Material

The gardening stool should be constructed with heavy-duty material that can withstand plenty of body weight. Cheap benches will break down easily after a couple of uses. The seat should ideally come with a cushion so that you feel more comfortable when sitting down.

Gardening Tool Bags

Some gardening stools will come with bags or pouches on the side where you can store your gardening tools. This can be a pretty convenient feature if you don’t currently have a storage space for the tools.

Top Gardening Stools for Seniors

TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat

This excellent gardening bench also comes with a kneeling functionality that allows you to comfortably conduct gardening activities that require kneeling such as weeding and transplanting.

It also comes with two durable pockets on the side where you can store a variety of small gardening tools like pruners and hand shovels.

Pure Garden Cart Rolling Scooter

This is a great option if you don’t want to carry around the gardening stool. This mobile garden cart comes with sturdy plastic wheels that will roll well on level-terrain. If your yard is quite bumpy, however, then this might not be a suitable option for you.

There’s a tray underneath the seat where you can organize and store a number of different gardening tools.

Folding Step Stool

If you are looking for something simple then this lightweight garden bench will do the trick. It can be easily stored because the bench can be folded flat.

This gardening stool also comes with anti-skid foot pads, which is an important safety component, as you wouldn’t want it to slide around as you are sitting on it.

Gardening for Seniors FAQ

How is Gardening Beneficial for the Elderly?

Compared to other home activities, gardening is a relatively low-impact exercise that can help seniors by strengthening their muscles. It also offers a number of mental benefits such as reducing stress. It’s also beneficial because it’s diverse. Gardening can be as simple as maintaining a small houseplant.

What do Every Gardener Need?

Gardening stools aren’t a compulsory component for gardening but they sure do add a lot of comfort, especially for those that are the type to spend a lot of time in the garden. Other gardening tools useful for seniors may include an automated irrigation system and weeders.

How High Should a Garden Stool be?

Ideally, a garden stool should be adjustable as the optimal height could be different for every individual. An ideal bench height would allow you to comfortably lay your feet on the floor without having to lift your ankles.

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