Best Gardening Gloves for Protection and Strong Grip

As a green thumb, nothing beats the feeling of working your garden with your bare hands. However, there will be cases, such as when you are weeding or pruning sharp branches, when you will need to provide protection for your hands using garden gloves.

What to Consider When Buying Gardening Gloves

There are several factors to consider when buying garden gloves, such as the glove’s versatility, fit, and protection. In terms of versatility, you want to be wearing gloves that are comfortable to use regardless of what gardening activity you are partaking in. The gloves should be comfortable whether you are weeding, digging, landscaping, or pruning.

The glove’s fit is also a very important factor. A glove that fits well to your hand will reduce the likelihood of blisters forming. This is particularly important for people who spend many hours on their gardens and lawns. The perfect-sized glove will also reduce the risk of injuries. Gardeners who wear loose gloves could put their hands at risk due to the chances of slipping.

One last factor to consider is the amount of protection. While gardening in general is a fairly harmless activity, there will be situations when you are dealing with sharp objects, which is why it’s important to get a glove that can provide protection against those sharp materials.

Our Top Gardening Glove Recommendations

With all of the above factors considered, we have listed a few gardening gloves below that we feel are the cream of the crop. Make sure you get the size right before you purchase any gloves.

1. Garden Genie Gloves

If you like to do some light digging in the garden with your hands then consider getting these gardening gloves. They come with four built-in claws that will allow you to easily dig out the soil. The gloves are made with natural latex rubber coating, which should provide you enough protection against cuts.

One downside of the Garden genie gloves is the actual claws. They aren’t removable because they are glued to the top of the gardening gloves. This means you may find some difficulty doing other gardening activities aside from digging and weeding. You may need to set aside an extra pair of gloves for them.

2. Pine Tree Working Gloves

The Pine Trees gloves are a great fit for both men and women. They are made of breathable materials, which makes it a lot easier when you are working on your garden under the hot sun. The last thing you would want is sweaty hands underneath the tight gardening gloves!

The fit of these gardening gloves makes them very versatile. You will have no issues chopping down trees, digging out tree stumps, pulling weeds, and clearing out bushes with these gloves, so if you are looking for gloves that don’t have the baggy feeling then these are the ones for you.

3. OLSON DEEPAK Womens Gardening Gloves

These gardening gloves are specifically designed for the ladies. Unlike the other recommended gardening gloves, these gloves make use of sturdy yak leather to provide great protection for the palm and finger nails. They are also great for those who are looking for gloves with some flair as they come with a unique nature design on the outer layer.

Given the thick layer of the gloves, some might find them especially useful for maintaining and pruning rose bushes. The one slight downside might be the size. Some people have found these gloves to a bit big too big (they only come in medium and large sizes).

4. Bionic Relief Grip Gloves

Gardeners who suffer from joint problems may be happy to hear that there are also gardening gloves specifically designed for people with arthritis. The Bionic relief grip gloves, for example, comes with a patented pad relief system that reduces the amount of hand fatigue that may develop from various gardening activities.

One slight downside is the size of the glove fingers. Some people have found them to be slightly narrow so you may need to experiment with a slightly bigger-sized glove to find the right fit. In any case, despite costing slightly more than regular gloves, it’s worth trying out if you have arthritis issues with your hands.

Common Questions About Gardening Gloves

Here are some common questions that people have about gardening gloves.

Should You Wear Gloves When Gardening?

Gardening gloves should be considered a must whether you are a full-time gardener or a first-time green thumb. Cuts and scrapes can easily form on your hand when you work with thorny bushes or sharp gardening tools. The gloves will protect your hands against these sharp elements, and in turn, prevent unwanted bacteria from entering your body.

What are Gardening Gloves Made Of?

As highlighted by our recommended products, gardening gloves could be made with a number of different materials. The most common materials tend to be rubber or leather as they provide a good balance of protection and flexibility. You can also get cheaper gloves made of cotton which we would only recommend when doing light gardening work.

Can You Wash Gardening Gloves?

Some but not all gardening gloves are machine washable. How you wash the gloves will depend on the type of material it is made of. For example, gardening gloves made of leather may require an old toothbrush (with soft bristles) to scrape off any soil and debris that made accumulated on the outer layer of the glove.

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