Best Garden Fences for Keeping Out Rabbits | 2020 Review


While they may be cute animals, rabbits can be quite destructive if they are able to get a single sniff at your garden bed. If you want to keep your plants safe from these wild animals then consider setting a garden fence around the perimeter to keep them out.

Product NameOur RatingDimension & Size
Tenax 72120546 Hex Poultry Fence★★★★★3' x 25'
YARDGARD 308371B★★★★28" x 50'
Industrial Netting OV7822-42x100★★★★3.5' x 100'
Pacific Accents Expandable Modular Outdoor Garden Fence Kit★★★★★-

Garden Fences for Rabbits Features

There are a few important things to keep in mind when you shop around for a garden fence. These factors include the durability and construction of the fence, as well as its resistance to external elements like the weather.

Weather-Resistant and Rust-Proof

First, make sure to get a garden fence that won’t degrade quickly when exposed to various weather situations like heavy rain and full sun. Rabbits have quite strong teeth. They will be able to easily tear through the garden fence if it shows any signs of weakness. For metal-based fences, it’s important that it doesn’t rust quickly.

Fence Depth Under the Ground

Rabbits are natural diggers so it might be important to set up the garden fence in a way that prevents the rabbits from digging underneath it. When setting up the fence, the ideal depth of the trench should be about six to ten inches.

Type of Garden Fencing

Garden fences are available in a number of different forms. This includes heavy-duty poultry netting, liquid fencing, and wireless fencing. We suggest going for the wiring fencing. It’s the most effective out of the three fencing options available.

Top Garden Fences to Keep Out Rabbits

Pacific Accents Outdoor Garden Fence Kit

This excellent outdoor fencing system requires no special yard tools to install. It uses a modular approach so you can easily expand the fencing system as needed.

The fencing is made of galvanized steel wires, which helps maintain its durability and resistance against the weather. It is also coated in green vinyl so the fence will blend in better with the surrounding environment.

YARDGARD 308371B 28 Inch by 50

This high-quality fencing will easily keep out rabbits and other small wild animals. It comes with 50 feet of wired fencing, which should be enough to cover the perimeter of small to medium-sized garden beds.

The wired fencing is coated with zinc to prevent rusting and the spacing of each wire gauze is designed to could get tighter at the bottom.

Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

This isn’t a physical garden fence but it’s a highly-recommended addition for repelling wild animals like rabbits and deer. This liquid repellent makes use of a number of ingredients like thyme oil and putrescent egg solids to keep the rabbits away from the garden bed.

If a physical garden fence will be too much of an eyesore in your backyard then consider applying this liquid repellent instead. You just need to spray the perimeter to keep the rabbits out.

Garden Fences FAQ

What Kind of Fences Are Most Effective Against Rabbits?

If you have a lot of wild rabbits in the area then we suggest getting a wired fence that has tightly-packed meshes. The lower-end of the wired fencing should be placed at least six inches below ground to prevent rabbits from digging underneath it.

How Do I Stop Rabbits from Going Under the Fence?

In addition to making sure the garden fence is placed at least six inches underground, it may help to also fill the trenches with small rocks to make it difficult for the rabbits to pass through.

How Do You Bunny-Proof a Garden?

Fencing is just one strategy for keeping out rabbits from your yard and garden. You can also try spraying liquid repellent from time to time, especially during the peak season. The combination of the physical fence and the odor of the repellent will keep most if not all rabbits out of your garden.

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