Best Folding Garden Carts for Transporting Heavy Objects

Gardening is a great form of exercise but there may be times when you might want some assistance. A garden cart is a must-have for gardeners. It helps immensely when you need to move around heavy garden object. The last thing you want to do is to break your back. In this article, we uncover the most important features to consider when getting a folding garden cart and our top recommendations based on feedback from other gardeners.

Folding Garden Cart Recommendations

Folding Garden Carts Review

Mac Sports Folding Wagon
This beautifully-designed cart has plenty of space to load your garden objects. The wagon is approximately 35.5″ x 20″ x 22.5″. It is very easy to set up and has some interesting features. For example, the Mac Sports garden cart has an adjustable handle and it also comes with 2 cup holders, which are definitely a plus if you are doing some gardening work during a hot sunny day. One gardener mentions that she liked this cart a lot because it folds very compact. This allowed her to easily store the cart in the trunk of the car.

Creative Outdoor Wagon Cart
Need a garden cart with sturdy frames? Look no further than the cart designed by Creative Outdoor Distributors. One of the most important features of a folding garden cart is the fabric. With this particular wagon cart, you won’t have to worry much about the fabric tearing apart because it consists of 600 denier fabric. This garden cart also comes with all-terrain wheels. This helps a lot if you have a backyard that consists of different ground materials.

TimberRidge Garden Cart
The TimberRidge folding garden cart is the most expensive of the three recommendations. Like the Creative Outdoor cart, the TimberRidge is made of high-quality durable fabric (600D polyester). It can support up to 150 lbs in weight so you won’t have a problem transporting many garden objects. One gardener mentioned that it was easy to maneuver due to the handle having finger grips. He also mentioned that there was no assembling required so you could pretty much use it as soon as it was delivered.

Folding Garden Cart Features

We hope one of the recommendations suit your need. If they don’t, here are some important features to consider when you look for your next folding garden cart.

Material Durability
You want a garden cart made of fabric that can handle a lot of weight and pressure. When you review a garden cart, check what material the fabric is made of. Ideally, you want fabric that has a high denier count (like the 600D polyester). A higher denier count means the fabric is more thick, sturdy, and durable.

Cart Handle
Many gardeners underestimate the importance of the cart handle. If your backyard isn’t flat then it helps to have a handle that can adjust to the uneven surface. You want to make sure the handle is adjustable, especially if you are a tall person. Some gardeners have mentioned that they made a bad choice purchasing a garden cart with short handles. Carts with short handles make you bend your back more.

Unless you have a lot of space in your car trunk or in your garden shed, you would probably want a garden cart that’s very compact when folded. Look out for this feature when you read past customer reviews on folding garden carts. is a good resource for learning more about garden carts.

All-Terrain Wheels
This might be important for gardeners who live in a place that receives a lot of rain. You’ll want to make sure the garden cart can handle all sorts of material like mud and sand. You may want to also find a cart that can be easily maneuvered indoors. This applies to gardeners who have grow tent or greenhouse structures.

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