Best Outdoor Flood Lights for Backyards | 2020 Review

Outdoor Flood Lights

Outdoor flood lights serve a number of important and convenient purposes, ranging from safety reasons to offering an illuminated space in the backyard.

Product NameOur RatingLighting Fixture Heads
WERISE 150W LED Flood Light★★★★★Three Adjustable Heads
LUTEC P6221B 1130 Floodlight★★★★Two Adjustable Heads
Amico 3500LM LED Security Light★★★★Three Adjustable Heads
STASUN LED Flood Light★★★★★Three Adjustable Heads

Outdoor Flood Lights Features

While they may seem like regular light fixtures, there are a few important components you need to consider when you shop for outdoor flood lights. These aspects may consider energy-efficiency, weather-resistance, and brightness.

Motion Sensor Mode

Do you only need outdoor flood lights for the purpose of backyard security? In that case, one way to maintain energy efficiency is by installing outdoor flood lights that come with motion sensors. Ideally, the sensor should have good depth detection. You can also save further on the utility bill by finding flood lights with solar panels.

Wide Lighting Areas

Good-quality outdoor flood lights will have coverage that will brighten up a larger part of the backyard space. This minimizes the need to purchase multiple units for a single outdoor space. It may be useful to get a flood light with adjustable heads so you can make the necessary lighting adjustments.

Heat Dissipation & Durability

In order for these flood lights to be long-lasting, it’s important for them to come with heat-dissipating capabilities. These flood lights will generate a lot of heat given how bright they get. Some units may come with internal aluminum plates to speed up the process.

Top Flood Lights for Backyards

STASUN LED Flood Light

These LED flood lights come with triple light fixture heads that can cover a wide lighting area. The lighting heads can pivot 330 degrees side-to-side and pivot 180 degrees up-and-down.

You can expect these flood lights to last up to 50,000 hours before they require replacing.

LUTEC LED Dual-Head Floodlight

This dual-head flood light are 360 degrees adjustable so you can customize the angles as needed. The light bulbs will provide 1130 lumens, which is more than enough to illuminate wide backyard spaces.

We like that these floodlights are easy to install. You just need to mount it to the wall and finish off with some simple wiring steps.

WERISE 150W LED Flood Light Outdoor

Consider these outdoor floodlights if you are looking for something that comes with great weather resistance. The floodlights are IP66 rating waterproof and it also comes with a surge protection component.

These units are also able to maintain their longevity due to excellent heat dissipating technology.


Can You Use LED Flood Lights Outdoor?

LED light bulbs are a good choice for backyard floodlights because they are long-lasting if they are well-maintained and they are also energy-efficient so a better choice for the environment. Other light bulbs you may also come across include halogen bulbs and HID flood lights.

How Bright Should Outdoor Floodlights Be?

The brightness of outdoor floodlights can range from anywhere between 700 to 1,300 lumen. How bright you need the floodlights to be will depend on the purpose it serves. For example, floodlights to briefly illuminate the front of the garage may not necessarily need to be super bright. You will also need to consider the impact the floodlights on the neighbors.

What is a Good Wattage for Outdoor Lights?

According to the International Dark Sky Association, outdoor lighting fixtures such as backyard floodlights should only be on when needed and should minimize blue light emissions. For environment reasons, try to stick to a wattage below 100.