Best Fish Pond Netting to Protect Fishes and Plants

Have a pond in your backyard or garden? Pond netting can serve an important purpose, such as for maintenance and for protection.

Top Pond Netting Recommendations

Pond Netting Recommendations

Gardeneer Floating Net
Cover your pond with this floating net to keep it clear of debris. This pond netting measures 14 by 14 feet, which should be wide enough for most small to medium-sized ponds. The holes in the netting are small enough to catch small debris like tiny leaves.

Laguna Pond Netting
This pond netting comes with placement stakes. It measures 15 by 12 feet. Do you keep fishes in the pond? If so, this pond netting will provide adequate protection against predators like cats, birds, and raccoons. This is important if you are keeping expensive fishes like koi.

Pond Maintenance Tips

In addition to setting up a net over the pond, here are some other important pond maintenance tips that homeowners should follow.

Decaying Leaves & Foliage
Consider getting a pond vacuum to clear away any dead foliage that has accumulated over the pond netting. Do this on a regular basis.

Aeration Importance
It’s important to circulate oxygen-rich water around the whole pond. Aeration can help reduce pond stratification. It could also help reduce the muck that you may come across at the bottom of the pond. A pond aeration system can do the job.

Fertilizer Usage
Make sure you are using an appropriate amount of fertilizer, especially if are caring for aquatic plants. Too much fertilizer may cause issues like algae blooms.

Pest Maintenance
Say goodbye to mosquitoes, roaches, and bed bugs. A pond is a great way to attract natural predators like frogs. You can rely on them to help control the pest population in your backyard.

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