Best Electronic Pest Repeller for Mouse, Rodents, and Insects

Do you have pest problems in the backyard? Are you trying to avoid using pesticide or any other chemicals to get rid of these pests? One method worth trying is to use these electronic pest repellers, instead of relying on chemicals to get rid of pests, these devices use other control methods such as emitting annoying rays and sounds.

Ridrite Pest Repeller

RidRite Pest Repeller

This battery operated electronic pest repeller does a decent job of keeping pests away all day long. Mainly designed to tackle larger pests like mice and rodents, the RidRite pest repeller can also keep certain insects away from your homes and gardens. This model is safe with pets so you don’t have to worry about the health of your dogs and cats because it doesn’t utilize any sort of chemical.

Pest Offense Repeller

Pest Offense Electronic Repeller

This great electronic repellent keeps rodents and roaches away by emitting strong electronic impulses. Generally, one of these is enough to keep one floor of an average-sized home free of rodents and other annoying pests. Here is one important thing to note about this particular unit. You need to place it at a wall that has some wiring in place. The implementation of this device sounds a little complex but it will do a great job for you once you have it properly installed.

Yard Sentinel Pest Control

Yard Sentinel Pest Repeller

The Yard Sentinel does an efficient job of keeping pests at bay. The product claims that it covers a range of up to 5,000 square foot but you should probably expect something slightly less than that. It can be powered by either an AC cord or by battery so it is great for both indoor and outdoor use. One gardener commented that it does a good job of keeping a neighbor cat out from her vegetable garden.

Before you purchase one of these electronic pest repellents, make sure you covered all your bases. If you have young children or pets at home then make sure the device does not cause any side effects for them. For example, the Yard Sentinel may also have an effect on your dog. If you are only looking for one that keeps the rodents away then you would probably want to consider another unit.

Pest Repeller – Important Features

When you are getting an electronic pest repeller, there are certain features you should consider that would help with the decision making process. First, consider the amount of distance the pest repeller covers. Keep in mind that the maximum coverage the product description specifies does not necessarily mean the pest repellent product will be effective throughout that whole space. If we take the Yard Sentinel Pest repeller as an example, even though the description states that it covers up to 5,000 sq. ft, it may only be effective for around 2,500 sq. ft. In such a case, you would probably want to get at least two repeller products instead of one.

Another feature you want to include is the type of repellent the product emits. In general, electronic pest repellents work by emitting high pressure ultrasonic waves. This works very well for some pests but may also be ineffective for other types of pests. Make sure you do your research before you get such products. Find out what kind of garden pests you commonly deal with then find out what is most effective in controlling them. You can find plenty of pest-related information on our website.

The last feature you should consider is durability. For example, if you are living in an area that receives a lot of wind and rain then you would definitely want to consider an electronic pest repellent that is weather-proof. If you are planning on using it indoors then that should not matter all that much.