Best Electronic Pest Repeller for Mouse, Rodents & Insects

Are you dealing with a major pest or rodent problem at home? If so, stay away from using chemical pest control methods. Instead, use the natural route by using one of these electronic pest repeller devices. They provide a more sustainable approach.

Top Electronic Pest Repeller Recommendations

Electronic Pest Repellers Review

FAKON Ultrasonic Repeller
The FAKON repeller emits ultrasonic waves to keep rodents and pests away. These sound waves are low enough to be inaudible to humans but high enough to annoy the heck out of pests. It may work on pests such as cockroaches, spiders, and mice. It has a coverage area up to 120 square meters. You may want to get a few of these to protect the whole household.

Lotee Pest Repeller
The Lotee electronic repeller also emits ultrasonic waves that disrupts a pest’s endocrine system. It is environmentally-friendly and safe to have around kids and pets. It is very easy to use. Just plug it into an 110V power socket and the repeller is ready to be in action.

Pest Soldier Repeller
If you want a trooper to protect your household from pests then consider the Pest Soldier electronic repeller. One benefit of using these devices is that it won’t leave a mess. Other natural pest control solutions like citronella candles and pest traps may leave dead insects or rodents around the household.

How Do Electronic Pest Repellers Work?

It’s helpful to understand how these pest control devices function. Are they a scam or a real solution? Fortunately, they are not a scam. The concept of using ultrasonic waves to deter pests has been around for quite some time. These devices emit sound waves at a very high frequency. The pitch is high enough to be not heard by humans but low enough to disrupt the pests.

How do Pest Repellers Work

An extensive study by researchers at Kansas State University found that these electronic devices could have a repellent effect on pests. The results, however, weren’t always consistent. The study was conducted on a number of insects including the cat fleas, German cockroaches, ants, crickets, flies, and Eastern yellow jackets. One takeaway was that certain devices could impact feeding and reproduction behaviors of the insects.

While most ultrasonic pest repellers emit a similar frequency of sound wave, their level of success at repelling pests may still differ. There are a number of factors that may affect the effectiveness of an electronic pest repeller. Such factors could include coverage area, product design, and placement. Not seeing good results? Here are a couple of tips.

Electronic Pest Repeller Usage Tips

Repeller Placement
Placement is a very important factor. You may need to experiment with different placements to figure out which area is best to tackle the pest problem. Make sure you stay patient and give it a few days before you change the location of where the electronic pest repeller is plugged.

Repeller Coverage
Read the production description to determine what the maximum coverage area is. If you live in a large space then you may need to get more than one repeller to create a successful pest repellent area. In many cases, electronic pest repellers come in packs so consider that when you do your coverage calculations. Place the devices strategically across the household. The first areas to consider are high-traffic pest zones like the kitchen and bathroom. They should also be placed near potential entry points like windows and doors.

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