Best Electric Garden Cultivator to Save Time on Tilling Soil

There are many steps in gardening that requires a fair amount of physical effort. One example is soil tilling. This typically begins at the beginning of a gardening process. Tilling is the process of turning over and breaking up the ground. There are several reasons for doing this. One might be to help get rid of debris in the ground. Another might be to break apart heavily-compacted soil.

Electric Garden Cultivator Recommendations

Electric Garden Cultivators and Tillers

Sun Joe Electric Tiller
Sun Joe is known for creating excellent outdoor tools and their electric tiller is no exception. The Sun Joe tiller is packed with a 12 amp motor, which allows you to slice through the soil with ease. One customer mentioned he was able to use this device to till up to a hundred square feet of hard soil. Others have mentioned that it is less noisy than having a gas-driven garden cultivator.

BLACK+DECKER Garden Cultivator
This particular electric garden cultivator is meant for gardeners who either have small gardens or only require light maintenance work on their garden bed. This garden cultivator is cord-free so you won’t be restricted as far as mobility goes. You can expect a run-time of around thirty to forty five minutes per recharge.

Earthwise Electric Cultivator
This electric garden cultivator comes with four steel tines that can cultivate up to 11 inches in width. Most customers highlighted that it is fairly lightweight and quiet compared to other garden cultivators in the market.

Whatever your reason maybe, there’s no need to break your back when you prepare the soil for the upcoming season. In this article, we want to introduce you the electric garden cultivator. This particular tool is designed to help you till the soil with minimal effort.

We hope one of the above recommendations fit your needs and requirements. It isn’t easy to buy an electric garden cultivator, especially one that performs well on your garden bed. Before you hit the buy button, take your time and read some of the customer reviews to get a feel for whether an electric tiller is likely or unlikely to match your standards.

Garden Cultivator Components

Garden Soil Types Infographic

Cutting width: how wide is the garden bed and what kind of plants are you planning on growing? The cutting width is a very important consideration. Plants have different requirements as far as preferred soil depth. For example, plants like broccoli and cauliflower have shallow rooting so may not require a deep cutting depth. On the flip side, plants like artichokes have deep rooting systems so you may want to look for a garden tiller that supports such rooting depths.

Blade: the type of garden soil may differ for each and every gardener. Some may have sandy soil, while others may have clay soil. You want to make sure the blades that come with the garden cultivator are strong enough to slice through the garden bed material. Most electric garden cultivators these days come with steel angled tines.

Motor: another important component to consider is the motor. Electric garden cultivators with powerful motors can pulverize dirt with very little effort. You can get a gauge of how powerful a garden cultivator is by checking the motor RPM, which stands for rotations per minute. A garden cultivator with a powerful motor may have a RPM of around 350, while a garden tiller with a small motor may have a RPM that’s half of its stronger alternative. You don’t necessarily need an electric garden cultivator with a strong motor if you are dealing with a small garden bed or if your intention is to grow plants with shallow root systems.

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