Best Garden Fences for Keeping Out Deer | 2020 Review

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While they are beautiful animals, deer can cause a lot of havoc in the backyard but nibbling and eating your precious garden plants. One way to co-exist in the same space would be to set up garden fences and netting structures.

Product NameOur RatingFence Size
Feitore Deer Fence Netting★★★★★7 x 100 feet
Tenax 5A030001 Guardian Warning Barrier★★★★4 x 100 feet
Easy Gardener Deer Barrier Fencing★★★★7 x 100 feet
GREENSCAPES Wildlife Netting★★★★★7 x 100 feet

Deer Garden Fences Features

There are quite a few important things to consider when you shop around for deer gardening fences. It’s important to get high-quality fences that will last season after season and won’t be easily broken or chewed through by a hungry deer.

Type of Deer Fence

Fences that are designed to keep wildlife out of your garden come in many shapes and sizes. The most common type actually are in the form of heavy-duty netting, which you can easily set up around the perimeter of the garden bed. Deer are agile creatures so the ‘fencing’ may need to also be set up above the garden bed to prevent the animals from jumping in.

UV and Weather-Resistant

The fencing will be exposed to the weather elements, such as rain and direct sunlight. It’s important that the structure doesn’t easily degrade over time as a result of the weather so make sure you find that is both UV and weather-resistant.


Ideally, you wouldn’t want to set up a fence that requires a lot of groundwork like using an auger to drill fencing holes for example. That’s why it’s much simpler and more economical to use heavy-duty netting as they can be just wrapped around existing supports like trees and posts.

Top Garden Fences for Keeping Out Deer

OldMacDonald Deer and Animal Fence Barrier

This animal barrier is great at keeping deer out of your garden bed due to utilizing tough and durable netting materials. The size of this barrier comes out to 7.5′ x 165′ so it will easily wrap around small to medium-sized garden bed spaces.

Each mesh in the netting has a size of 19 x 19 mm. This is small enough to keep the deer out but big enough to allow pollinators to enter the garden bed space.

Feitore Deer Fence Netting

This deer fencing and protection net has a dimension of 7′ x 100′. It’s a tough barrier made of polypropylene material. It’s strong enough to be tear-resistant but lightweight enough to be easily carried around and assembled. You just need to set up a few stakes around the garden bed to support the netting barrier.

Extend-A-Post – Extensions for Chain Link Fence

If you already have a fence, say a chain-link one, around the yard but the deer are able to get through it because it’s too low then consider the extending the height of the existing fence with the Extend-A-Post extension. This extension can be easily installed to the top rail to prevent the deer from jumping or climbing over it.

Deer and Wildlife Control FAQ

How Tall Does A Deer Fence Need to Be?

This depends on the deer species that roam your backyard but an ideal height for a deer fence should be anywhere between six to ten feet. Shorter fences work better for protecting small garden beds since there’s less space for the deer to jump over.

What is the Best Fence to Keep Deer Out?

This depends on the scale of the deer problem, the size of your garden bed, and the budget you have. Deer fencing come in many varieties including regular fences, heavy-duty netting, and wireless fences. If you are looking for the most economical option then go for the netting barrier fences.

How Long Do Deer Fences Last?

This depends on the type of deer fencing you implement in the backyard. High-quality netting barriers, for example, can last several years as they are generally designed to be chew-resistant and weather-resistant. It’s important to maintain good care of the fences to extend the product’s lifespan for as long as possible.

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