Best Cordless String Trimmer for Cutting Weeds & Edging Lawns

A cordless string trimmer is needed for gardening and lawn maintenance. It is different from other tools that serve a similar purpose (like lawn mowers) because a flexible mono-filament line, instead of a blade, is used to cut the grass and weeds. There are several benefits to using a string trimmer, especially one that is cordless. In this article, we will explain what some of the pros and cons are, and a few string trimmer recommendations for you to pick from.

String Trimmer Recommendations

Best Cordless String Trimmers Guide

By now, we hope you have an idea of what the strengths and limitations are for each type of string trimmer. If you are in doubt that the cordless version is the best for your needs then here are some of our top recommendations.

BLACK+DECKER Lithium Ion Trimmer
BLACK+DECKER has a reputation for creating strong and reliable power tools and their Lithium Ion Trimmer is no exception. This particular tool comes with a 40V lithium battery. Several users of this product said that the run time will depend on what setting you use the trimmer on. For example, if you use it on the highest setting then it’ll probably last no longer than twenty minutes. If you use it on a low or medium setting then the trimmer could run for up to an hour. The good news is that compared to other cordless trimmers, this one takes a shorter duration to recharge.

EGO Power+ String Trimmer
Based on customer feedback, The EGO Power+ trimmer will have a similar run time to the Black+DECKER trimmer. As the name implies, you’ll find that this particular product comes with a lot of power and efficiency. When set to the highest power setting, you should have minimal problems breezing through thick weeds and tall grasses. As one customer mentioned, the EGO POWER+ “is a monster”.

GreenWorks Cordless String Trimmer
This particular string trimmer is known to be good value for money. It is notably cheaper than our other recommendations. This is due to a few factors. First, the battery is smaller. This means the run time is going to be shorter but it should be enough for small-to-medium garden owners to do most of the trimming in one run. If your lawn or garden only requires some light maintenance here and there then the GreenWorks cordless string trimmer could be the one to consider.

Cordless String Trimmer Purpose

Cordless String Trimmer Considerations

Gardeners may have varying intentions for using a cordless string trimmer. For example, if a lawn has low-maintenance turf grass like buffalo grass then the purpose for getting a light-duty cordless string trimmer could be to help trim grass and tackle the occasional weed problems.

Others may have intentions that are more heavy-duty in nature. Maybe you are running a commercial business and you need something that’ll be able to tackle tough jobs like trimming thick bushes and weeds. Before you get your own string trimmer, consider your intentions for getting one. This will help narrow the selection of products you end up picking from.

Thick bushes may also provide ideal hiding spots for pests. A well-maintained lawn will reduce the chances of a pest infestation from occurring. Ants and roaches, for example, are the last insects you would want to deal with.

Cordless String Trimmer Types

There are three types of string trimmers: battery-powered, corded, and gas-powered. This article primarily focuses on battery-powered string trimmers but it’ll be helpful to know what the main differences are between these product types.

The gas-powered string trimmer is generally the most powerful of the three. It is the appropriate choice for people looking to trim tall grass and weeds. The main downside of using a gas-powered string trimmer is the exhaust emission. Although there have been developments to get these devices to run more cleanly, the exhaust emission is likely to remain a known presence for those using a gas-powered device.

The corded string trimmer is generally the least expensive of the three. They also tend to be lighter in weight. The main downside of corded trimmers is the mobility. The range the string trimmer covers will be restricted to however long the cord is. Hence, gardeners with small backyards should be open to trying corded trimmers.

The battery-powered trimmer serves as a middle ground between the gas-powered and corded devices. You’ll be able to use the device and move around freely but most battery-powered trimmers have limited run times. Therefore, some of the important factors to consider when deciding on a cordless type are to find out how long they can run for, what kind of chargers they use, and how long it takes to recharge a device.

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