Beneficial Nematodes for Flea Control – Do They Work?


Beneficial nematodes are an excellent way of controlling backyard flea infestations. They are cost-effective and typically sold in powder form.

Beneficial Nematodes for Flea Infestations

Beneficial nematodes can be mixed into water then sprayed on the flea-infested area for preventive control. Here are a few scenarios when it can be used.

1. Controlling Backyard Flea Infestations
Beneficial nematodes can help control flea populations in the backyard or garden. Mix the nematode powder and water in a watering can or spraying apparatus then apply an appropriate amount to the affected outdoor areas.

Nematodes are living organisms so try and release them early in the morning or pre-dusk. Direct sunlight can be harmful to them. We recommend doing multiple releases if the outdoor area has a serious flea problem.

2. Apply to Indoor Plants
You can also apply the nematodes to pest-infested indoor plants. Nematodes don’t just work on fleas. They can also eradicate other household pests like fungus gnats.

For indoor plants, you can either use the same method as above by releasing the nematodes via water or you can purchase pot popper nematodes instead.

How do Nematodes Kill Fleas?

Nematodes are microscopic roundworms that can kill fleas by releasing bacteria in them. The bacteria multiply in the flea’s body and eventually kill them via blood poisoning. Nematodes are considered very effective because they target adult fleas and flea larvae.

They are safe to use to around pets. The Colorado State University Extension states that nematodes have been exempted from state and federal registration requirements and can be legally used on all crops without restriction.