Why do Bed Bugs Stink When You Kill Them?

Bed Bug

Bed bugs stink when you kill them to send an alarm to others. They use odors as a mode of communication.

Bed bugs belong to the order Hemiptera. Hence, they are the true bugs that produce scents. They release hormones the same way we release adrenaline. Different pheromones help bed bugs to communicate where each message has a distinct odor.

The danger alert pheromone is the strongest. It’s the same chemical that male bed bugs produce when another male grabs it in an attempt to mate. Females do not produce pheromones while mating.

Bedbugs use histamine hormones to mark their territory and trace their way back. When you lift the mattress or upset their habitat, they produce another unique scent with a fear hormone. They also send chemical signals when light falls on them.

People have different opinions on the odor that gets released when a bed bug gets killed. Some people say it’s like rotten wood, while others say it’s the musty odor of a damp house. In some cases, they’ll produce a scent similar to a stink bug.

Other people have different experiences. They say bed bugs produce sweet smells like cilantro, cinnamon, berries, crayons, or burnt almonds. Everyone is right as they have different odors and scents for varied reasons.