Can Bed Bugs Bite Through Your Clothing?

Bed Bug

No, bed bugs can’t bite through your clothes. Bed bugs have two elongated beaks, also referred to as the labium. One beak is designed to inject saliva, while the other beak is designed to extract the blood. These beaks are sharp enough to pierce a human’s skin but they aren’t designed to pierce through fabric materials, which are a lot tougher.

You are probably asking this question because you have been getting a lot of bed bug bites despite wearing long-length sleepwear. Keep in mind that bed bugs are tiny enough to sneak into the smallest of gaps so they are able to get to your skin no matter what you are wearing. For bed bug infestations, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. Home remedies may work for minor infestations. For serious problems, please call pest control immediately.