Best Bed Bug Traps to Place Underneath Bed Legs

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If you are dealing with bed bugs, one of the best things you can do to help get rid of them is to use traps. You can place bed bug traps underneath your bed legs, and this can help prevent bed bugs from reaching your box spring or mattress. This is a great method to use to get rid of bed bugs, and here are a few products that work best for this particular situation.

Best Bed Bug Traps for Bed Legs

Getting rid of bed bugs can be a costly and time-consuming process when chemicals and other treatments are involved. If you want to avoid these costly treatments you might want to consider using bed bug traps for bed legs. These bed bug traps will stop the bed bugs in their tracks and prevent them from making their way onto your box spring or mattress.

Bug Snarer Bed Bug Trap

Bug Snarer Bed Bug Trap is by far one of the best products to use if you want to get rid of bed bugs. This trap has an extra wide surface so that you can place it under all kinds of different furniture of various sizes. The interior section of this trap is polished heavily, which makes it slippery and less likely that the bed bugs will get out of it.

There are several pros to the Bug Snarer Bed Bug Trap, including that you can use this traps repeatedly on different kinds of furniture of all sizes since they are extra wide. These traps are pesticide-free, making it great around small children or pets. You get eight traps so you can set them up wherever you have a bed bug issue.

These are extra wide which means some bed posts or legs might slide around inside of the tray. You also will not be able to stop all of the bed bugs since they can still get around the tray itself and onto your mattress. Some people also have complained that the bed bugs cannot get into the tray because of the design of the rim makes it difficult.

Climbup Bed Bug Interceptor

The Climbup Bed Bug Interceptor is also a great choice if you want to use a bed bug trap underneath your bed legs. This product comes in a box of four and it uses polypro to prevent cracking of the trays. The cups used are free of pesticide and also are really slick so that the bed bugs cannot get out of the trap.

This product is pesticide-free, which makes it a great option if you have small pets or small children. The design of this product is also great because it can show you which way the bed bugs are crawling. As long as your post is normal size, these traps will work very well at catching all bed bugs near the area.

After a period of time the trays might crack or break under the pressure of your bedpost. Some other issues include the bed bugs simply crawling on top of the product. Most people have just complained that on carpet or other surfaces the trays will crack if the furniture post is too heavy.

Do Bed Bug Interceptors Really Work?

Bed bug interceptors are a great method to use to help eliminate bed bugs, and they definitely work. Bed bug interceptors are a plastic dish that you can put underneath your bedpost or other furniture legs. There is a moat on the outside of the device that helps to catch the bed bugs. The main idea behind this product is that bed bugs have difficulty climbing up vertical or slippery surfaces and they will be trapped.

There are many pros to this particular kind of product including that it’s a plastic dish with a moat. It doesn’t have harsh chemicals or toxins, so they are safe for pets and children to be around. These traps also are reasonable in price and once you purchase one set, you won’t need to replace it anytime soon. It will catch a few bed bugs before a huge infestation can happen.

Some cons of this product include that there is still a chance the bed bugs will climb around the product. There are also some bed bugs that will not be able to get into the trap at all. If you have a really bad bed bug infestation, these traps won’t really do anything to stop it. The trap also cannot get the bed bugs out of your mattress or box spring.

Additional Tips for Using Bed Bug Interceptor Traps

Bed bug interceptor traps are a great tool to use to help you get rid of bed bugs, but you should be using other methods as well to help eliminate the problem. Getting rid of bed bugs requires you to utilize several tricks in order to keep the bed bugs from coming back. Below we have listed a few of the best additional tips you should follow in combination with the bed bug interceptor traps.

1. Add a Small Amount of Diatomaceous Earth

You also should add a very small amount of Diatomaceous Earth to the bed bug trap. You want to add the food-grade Diatomaceous Earth in the interceptor tray to help kill off the trapped bed bugs.

2. Get the Right Size for the Bed Bug Trap

While many interceptors are versatile, some of them come in various sizes for certain types of furniture. Bed bugs may easily escape if the bed legs fit too tightly into the interceptor trap.

3. Know their Use Case

The interceptor bed bug traps are more useful for early detection. This means that it isn’t useful for people who are suffering from a serious bed bug infestation.

4. Combine with Other Methods

You want to make sure that you wash your bedding and pillows regularly to help prevent bed bugs. Other DIY methods that are effective will also help eliminate the bed bug problem altogether. Vacuuming regularly and cleaning up food and other debris from around your bedroom and decluttering are also helpful.

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