Best Bed Bug Killer Sprays that Works Quickly

Bed Bug

EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer

This is one of the most effective bed bug killer sprays despite using plant-extracted compounds as active ingredients. This spray will throw away any myths that natural ingredients aren’t effective for pest control. It can be used to treat bedding materials and surrounding objects including furniture, baseboards, and carpet edges. Once you have thrown out the clutter, we suggest you start spraying the EcoRaider religiously until the bed bugs are no more.

mdxconcepts Bed Bug Killer

Another excellent spray that makes use of natural ingredients like essential oil, such as peppermint and spearmint oil. The concentration is strong enough to kill some bed bugs on direct contact. Some people have problems with pest control sprays because of the strong smell. Fortunately, many people who bought this product mentioned that the smell was bearable and it would quickly dissipate once you air it out. It’s safe to use on furniture as it won’t create any stains.

Eagle Watch Eco-Friendly Repellent

If you are traveling to a place that’s known to be a bed bug hot spot then it may bring you some comfort if you bring a portable repellent spray such as the Eagle Watch. You can easily carry this in your bag and spray this on the mattress to reduce all your sleep anxiety. Unfortunately, bed bug bites could play a part in insomnia and other sleep conditions.

Make Your Own Vinegar Spray

It’s not going to be as effective as an over-the-counter bed bug spray but it could still provide some temporary relief (plus it’s super affordable to make). Just fill an empty spray bottle with white vinegar and start spraying at the areas where the bed bugs are visible. Vinegar can help eliminate bed bugs because of its acidic property. We suggest paying attention to hidden crevices and cracks where bed bugs may hide out in during the day.

Best Places to Apply Bed Bug Spray

You need to be able to know where to target in order to make use of the bed bug sprays. Here are the areas we suggest spraying on a regular basis in order to get rid of the bed bugs as soon as possible.

Bedding & Mattress

If it’s safe to do so, apply the bed bug spray on the bed. Make sure you cover all sides of the bed frame and the headboard. Some mattresses may need to be thrown away if it’s beyond saving. If, however, you have identified the infestation at an early stage then you could try saving the mattress by spraying along the seams and edges.

Furniture & Upholstery

The spray should also be applied to the upholstery and furniture in the house. Clear out the content from the furniture and spray every edge and gap that you can be find. It’s also important to cover the hidden spaces, such as the gaps behind the cabinet drawer.

Cracks and Crevices

Some bed bugs may hide in crevices and cracks during the day. Scan the wall and start spraying the bed bug killer solution into all cracks and crevices you can find. You should also get rid of any old wallpaper that has started showing signs of peeling.