Safe & Fast Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Clothes and Luggage


Bedbugs at times make their way onto your clothes and luggage, but you can make sure they don’t get a chance to spread beyond that. If you suspect that they exist in these items, look out for their signs; eggs, adult bed bugs, fecal spots, and cast skins.

Empty your luggage into an airtight plastic bag once you get home. Take the luggage out and scrub it with a stiff brush. Make sure there are no eggs anywhere in or on the luggage. Vacuum the luggage and discard used vacuum bags immediately. Steam your bags and leave them under the sun for hours. This is a good starting point for eliminating the bed bugs from the luggage and clothes.

Before wash day, keep all clothes in airtight packaging. Wash your clothes in steaming water and dry them at high temperatures; the heat kills all the bugs and eggs in the clothes. Ensure you don’t keep dirty clothes in the house.

Caution is essential when traveling, as strangers tend to share facilities. Before you leave a hotel room, pack your clothes in a plastic bag before placing them in your suitcase.