Can You See Bed Bugs with a Black Light?

Bed Bug

No, you cannot see a bed bug under black light. However, blacklight technology is still useful in locating bed bugs around your house.

Bed bug infestations are hard to spot. You can see the creatures crawling all over, but it’s hard to locate their hiding place. Mostly, they hide in cracks and crevices. It’s even worse if your furniture has a fabric cover.

You can use the black light to detect bed bug trails, which always lead to their hiding place. Many insects see many spectrums of light. The UV ray has the largest wavelength and is one of the beams a bed bug can see, and they tend to run away from it.

You need to prepare your room before using the UV lamp to locate bed bugs;
1. Clean up any potential hiding places.
2. Seal off all entries and exits to your bedroom.
3. Paint over any cracks.
4. Move beds to the center of the room.

Use your black light and follow the bedbug trail to the end. You can use heat or suffocation to eradicate the bugs, although professional help is best if you are dealing with a bad bed bug infestation.