Can You Get Bed Bug Bites During the Day?

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Yes, bed bugs can bite during the day. They can bite at any time, in fact. Bed bugs are incredibly opportunistic bugs and will take any chance they have to feed when they are hungry, even moving around rooms to chase you if you decide to sleep in another room.

It can be frustrating dealing with these tiny bugs because of their persistence, but it’s not that difficult to deal with them. The key to eradicating them is dealing with the problem as early as you suspect there might be some around, as they are slow to reproduce.

First, to properly deal with a bed bug problem in your home, pinpoint the room they are most likely residing in. Since they usually hang around where people sleep, the bedroom and the bed itself are the first spots you should look into, though not exclusively, as they can nest anywhere.

Thoroughly cleaning up the room and vacuuming everything, washing any clothing or bed sheets, and moving furniture around will make a huge difference. If possible, using a mattress casing for bed bugs will get rid of them even faster.