Beach Wagons & Carts that Move Well on Soft Sand

Beach Carts

Plan to head to beach? If you will be carrying a lot of heavy thing with you then it may be a good idea to bring along a beach wagon or cart that can handle the soft sand.

Top Beach Cart Recommendations

Here are the top beach carts and wagons we recommend you purchase. These beach wagons have been selected based on their durability and ease-of-use.


This sturdy cart can handle a large amount of weight due to its construction where collapsible heavy-duty frames and 600D polyester fabric material is used. The front wheels can also rotate 360 degrees, which allows you to easily maneuver the cart through the beach sand.

The one minor flaw might be that the front wheel will start to sink a little if the sand is too soft. In such a case, you might find it a bit exhausting to move the cart around.

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Beach Cart

The Mac Sports beach cart can handle up to 150 pounds in weight. There is also ample room in the cart to store multiple items. The dimension of the cart comes to about 36.2″ x 21.4″ x 24.59″. When folded, the dimension will shrink to about 31.48″ x 21.4″ x 9.64″. One additional aspect we like about this cart is the fabric, which can be easily cleaned.

The one downside might be that this beach cart may easily tip over if the weight is evenly distributed across the whole cart. This would also be the case when you are dragging the beach cart over a highly-uneven ground surface.

Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart

This beach cart is different from the other two we mentioned above due to its vertical design. It is better for carrying smaller items around the beach as it has a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds. You will find that it will roll easily on sand (but please note that it will still require some effort).

One additional aspect we like about this cart is the detachable cooler bag, where you can store all your favorite beverages for a nice trip to the beach. It may also be easier to transport objects that are more lengthy in size, such as beach umbrellas and mats.

Top Qualities of a Beach Cart

Actually, traditional garden carts may not work so well when it comes to a beach setting. The wheels of a traditional cart aren’t designed to glide through soft sand material. When shopping for a beach wagon, we suggest you pay special attention to these properties: fabric durability, ease of transport, and load capacity.

  • Fabric Durability: how much weight a beach cart can handle is one thing; being able to handle the surface of the loaded object is another aspect that needs to be paid close attention to. For example, you don’t want the fabric of the cart to suddenly tear apart because of something relatively sharp. Good beach wagons should be constructed with a heavy-duty frame and a fabric (such as 600D fabric) that can withstand a lot of things.
  • Ease of Transport: regardless of the size of the beach cart, you want to make sure it can be easily transported from the house to the beach. A lot of beach wagons these days can be transported effortlessly due to the foldable feature. Make sure the beach wagon is small enough to easily fit into your vehicle trunk or backseats.
  • Load Capacity: last but not least, make sure the beach wagon can handle plenty of weight. A beach trip will likely require the transportation of heavy objects like ice boxes and beach umbrellas. These days, beach carts can handle a decent amount of weight. You will find that some will be able to handle up to 150 pounds or more.

Common Questions About Beach Wagons

Here are some common questions that get asked about beach wagons.

What’s the Difference Between Beach and Garden Carts?

The main difference is the wheel. Typically, beach carts have larger wheels that can easily glide through various terrains including sandy ones like beaches. The wheels of a beach cart may also have more flexibility in direction by allowing for 360-degree rotation. Beach carts can also be used for gardening purposes so if you are both a gardener and a beach-goer then it may make sense to shop for a beach cart, instead of a traditional garden cart.

Can Children Get on the Beach Wagon?

Yes, some beach wagons are durable enough to handle the weight of small children but we wouldn’t really recommend it for safety reasons. If you are fine with it then check the product description to make sure your kid’s weight comes under the cart’s maximum weight capacity. For safety reasons, your children should also stay still in the cart as they are being moved around. Beach wagons are also great for pet owners who want to transport their dog or cat around.

Can Beach Wagons be Taken on the Plane?

This will depend on a number of things, such as the type of plane ticket you hold and the plane’s check-in policy. Some beach wagons might be small enough to be taken as a carry-on, but will most likely need to be checked-in. The more durable beach wagons can still be fairly large in size even when folded.