Best Way to Vacuum Fleas with Bagless Vacuums


Vacuuming helps to break flea cycles. It is up to 96% effective, and every trapped flea will eventually die once they get sucked in.

A bagless vacuum has a removable container instead of the usual filter bag. The advantage of using the bagless vacuum is that you will never have to replace the filter bags. Once the vacuum sucks up a flea, it loses its protective coating, known as the cuticle. Some die right away while others die later due to dehydration and/or starvation.

The vacuum is easy to operate. Additionally, you might never have to replace the HEPA filter as long as the vacuum is useful, making this an eco-friendly option. Don’t empty the contents of your bagless vacuum immediately after vacuuming; leave time for all the fleas to die.

Some bagless vacuums are remote-controlled, so can be managed even while away. Schedule the vacuum so that it gets the job done (of getting rid of fleas) on its own. Start vacuuming daily and reduce the frequency as the flea infestation subsides. The strategy allows you to disrupt the flea cycle. However, you have to take caution when handling bagless vacuums.