How to Get Rid of Bad Smell From the Fridge Fast


Have you ever opened up the fridge and winced at the nasty odor that seems to have taken over the entire appliance? In this article, you will learn a few tips on how to deodorize and absorb the bad smell that lingers in the fridge and freezer.

Deodorizing the Fridge

Refrigerator deodorizers are products that you place inside the refrigerator to introduce a fresh smell. These products are useful because they eliminate bad odor and offer protection against mildew or mold.

Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

Air-purifying charcoal bags consist of bamboo charcoal which is safe, convenient, and entirely practical for use in the refrigerator. The Charcoal Air Purifying Bag is chemical-free and contains anti-bacterial properties. It will only absorb the bad smell in the fridge. It won’t affect the food and ingredients you have stored in the same compartment.

These bags may also offer protection from mildew and mold, which may appear in the refrigerator space. It can last a long time as well (up to two years) so you don’t have to worry about replacing the charcoal bags often to keep the fridge smell fresh and clean.

The one downside of using activated charcoal bags is the size. They aren’t “small” so they can take up a decent amount of space in the fridge.

NonScents Fridge Deodorizer

NonScents Fridge Deodorizer is also a product that will get rid of bad smells coming from your refrigerator. This product looks similar to what a normal deodorizer looks like that you might use around other areas of your home.

It’s leak-proof and also very small so it will fit in tiny corners of your refrigerator without issue. You also can put this product in the freezer to eliminate odors and it won’t damage the material.

Using the NonScents Fridge Deodorizer offers many benefits and the biggest being that it works just within a couple hours. You won’t have to wait very long to notice a difference when you open up the refrigerator.

The NonScents Fridge Deodorizer will remove nasty smells within a couple hours and will leave your refrigerator smelling more neutral. There aren’t many products out there that will get rid of nasty smells in such a short amount of time, especially without the use of harsh chemicals.

This deodorizer also will last up to six-months, which is a pretty good length of time for such a small product. If you use baking soda, then you know that you must replace that every month.

The ingredients used in this product are also safe for everyone since they are non-toxic and won’t lead to your food having any fragrant odors. Another thing we loved about this product is that it looks nice and it’s not something that draws your attention to it in a negative way.

The biggest con with this product is that there’s a noticeable smell when you open up this product and then put it into your refrigerator. Some people have said this smell is similar to bleach and it’s not a smell that really goes away either.

If you aren’t into smelling household cleaners such as bleach, you might not want to use this product. Another con with this product is that if your refrigerator has a very pungent odor, such as from fish, this product might not get the smell out. It does work to eliminate most odors, but stronger odors, such as from spoiled food or fish, still seem to get through.

Home Remedies for Smelly Refrigerators

No one likes a smelly refrigerator, but did you know there are simple things you can do at home that often times will fix the issue? Most of these simple remedies use products you likely already have in your house. If you follow any of these home remedies listed below, you won’t need to spend extra money to get your refrigerator smelling good again.

1. Place a Box of Baking Soda in the Fridge

One of the easiest home remedies to get rid of the smells in your refrigerator is to purchase a box of baking soda. This product can be both an acid and a base depending upon the situation. That means food particles of both types will be attracted to it. It acts as an odor neutralizer to keep your fridge odor-free since these particles from foods in your fridge attract to the baking soda.

Open the box of baking soda and then place it in your refrigerator to help eliminate odors and smells of all kinds. While it’s possible that you can use the same box for three-months, we suggest switching out the box every 30-days to keep your refrigerator smelling good. You also can just choose to replace the box whenever you begin noticing odor coming from your refrigerator. We’ve found placing the baking soda on the top shelf or in the back of the bottom shelf is best, since it’s mostly out of the way in those hidden locations.

2. Check the Back and Bottom of the Fridge

It’s very important to check places like the fridge drip pan to eliminate smell that’s not coming from the inner compartment of the fridge. A lot of people forget about checking the bottom of the fridge and the back of the fridge as the cause of the odors. There might also be a dead rodent behind your fridge that’s causing the smell as well.

That’s why it’s very important to regularly check behind your fridge since rodents like mice are known to travel along walls and baseboards. If you’ve tried everything inside of the fridge and still can’t get rid of the smell, then it’s likely your problem is in one of these two places.

3. Clean the Fridge with Vinegar

If you have vinegar at home, you can easily clean out the refrigerator with vinegar to make your refrigerator like new. You want to grab a spray bottle and put in one part vinegar to three parts water. Mix this together in the spray bottle and then remove all of the food items from your refrigerator. You want the refrigerator to be completely empty before you begin spraying the vinegar mixture.

Begin spraying all inside of the refrigerator including on the sides and shelves. You then want to take a dish cloth and begin to clean everywhere inside. If you have a couple stains not coming out, then you can use a small dab of just vinegar and let it sit on that stain for a couple minutes. The undiluted vinegar is best for harder stains. Make sure you dry out the shelves and the walls of the refrigerator after it’s been cleaned before you put your food products back in.

Vinegar is also useful for getting rid of gnats and fruit flies, which are likely to appear in fridge space with bad smell. This is a health hazaard so act quickly and clean the inner fridge space before you get sick.

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