The Smoke Haze of the Australia Bushfires

The recent and ongoing crisis of the Australia bushfires have left unprecedented damage in their wake. Even neighbouring New Zealand, at least 1,200 miles away from the fire, have suffered with the thick smoke blowing over and creating an eerie yellow haze in the sky.

For those not affected, we wanted to give a bit of perspective on the severity of this crisis by re-creating the smoke haze in scenic locations around the world.

Singapore Smoke Haze Before Singapore Smoke Haze After
New York
New York Smoke Haze Before New York Smoke Haze After
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Smoke Haze Before Hong Kong Smoke Haze After
London Smoke Haze Before London Smoke Haze After
Shanghai Smoke Haze Before Shanghai Smoke Haze After
Paris Smoke Haze Before Paris Smoke Haze After
Greece Smoke Haze Before Greece Smoke Haze After
Swiss Alps
Alps Smoke Haze Before Alps Smoke Haze After

You can help by spreading awareness and by making a donation to organizations that work directly with the victims (both human and wildlife) and firefighters. Here is a list of organizations that need your help:


An organization that rescues the diverse wildlife of Australia.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

The donations will go towards the deployment of drinking stations for surviving koalas.

NSW Rural Fire Service

Support the brave volunteer firefighters and emergency workers who are working around the clock.

Salvation Army

The funds will go towards the communities affected by the bushfires.

Countless number of wildlife (including kangaroos, mice, and koalas) have been affected by this major crisis. You can also help by building a more sustainable lifestyle at home, such as by going green or by saving water in creative ways.