4 Simple Tricks to Attract Ladybugs to Your Garden


Ladybugs are one of many great beneficial insects to have in your yard. They leave your garden crop alone. Instead, they focus their appetite on garden pests like aphids and mites. Here are four simple tricks to attract more ladybugs to the garden.

1. Grow Ladybug Plants and Flowers
Ladybugs may feed on nectar if there aren’t many aphids or natural food supply to feed on. Consider growing brightly-colored flowers like cosmos, calendulas, and marigolds in your garden. The leaves of these flowering plants may also provide shelter for the ladybugs.

2. Build a Ladybug House
Provide a nice shelter for the ladybugs by placing a ladybug house in the garden. A ladybug house typically consists of a small wooden box filled with wooden pieces like bamboo canes.

The ladybug house may also attract other beneficial insects like green lacewings and bees. The insects can shelter and hibernate in these wooden structures.

3. Add a Water Source
Ladybugs also need water to survive. Provide a water source by placing a few damp paper towels in your garden. Ladybugs will also drink from plant dew so it may help to spray your plant foliage every once in a while.

4. Don’t use Pesticide
Using pesticide is a big no-no. Pesticide doesn’t discriminate between the good and bad bugs. Let the ladybugs do the pest control job for you. Did you know that one ladybug is capable of eating as many as 5,000 aphids in its lifetime?

How to Release Ladybugs

If you are struggling to attract native ladybugs to your garden then you have the option of buying them instead. Here are a few tips to consider if you going to buy and release ladybugs.

Release Early Evening
The ladybugs will most likely fly away if you release them when it’s hot and sunny. Wait until dusk to release the ladybugs into your garden.

Spray Your Plants with Water
Ladybugs get dehydrated very quickly. Before you release the ladybugs, spray the garden plant foliage with plenty of water for the bugs to hydrate themselves.

Store them in the Refrigerator
If you aren’t planning to release the ladybugs immediately then make sure to store them in the refrigerator. Their health deteriorates quickly when left in room temperature.


  • Mrs Lynn A Pirouet:

    where can i buy ladybugs in jersey channel islands?

    Thank you

  • Trudy Perkins:

    How do you build a ladybug house just a box and wood inside?I put Marigolds around my ragosa roses they get lots of aphids few dishes of water. will this help


    I have always liked Lady Bugs and was given a little wood house. Thank you for the new information. I also, was wondering their life expectancy and any other information about the Lady Bug?

    Thank you

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