4 Simple Tricks to Attract Frogs & Toads to Your Garden

Frog and Toad

Frogs and toads are invaluable neighbors in the garden as they naturally prey on common garden pests. Here are four simple tricks to attract more frogs and toads to your garden.

1. Build Frog Shelters in the Garden
Create a sanctuary for the frogs and toads by placing natural frog shelters or toad houses around the backyard. Natural frog shelters could consist of large rocks, dead wood, and tree stumps. Place them in shady garden spots where they have easy access to a water source.

If you are looking to attract tree frogs then create a safe hangout spot for them by installing tree frog tubes around the yard. As demonstrated by this video, you can use PVC pipes (With drilled holes) to create a favorable environment for the frogs.

2. Don’t Eliminate All the Insects
The frogs and toads will only stick around your garden if there is a regular source of food for them to feed on. Don’t eliminate the pests unless they are a serious problem. Let the frogs (and other wildlife) handle the problem for you. Frogs like to feed on all sorts of insects including roaches, grasshoppers, and moths.

3. Add a Water Fountain to the Yard
Consider adding some sort of fountain in your garden to attract the frogs. The sound of running water may entice the frogs to investigate your garden.

You may want to also build a small pond in your yard. Toads don’t need it as much but frogs like to stay close to the water.

4. Install Low-Voltage Garden Lights
Install small low-voltage lights near your pond to attract insects at night. The frogs will have an easier meal time if the insects all gather in one area.

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