4 Natural Ways to Attract Dragonflies for Mosquito Control


Dragonflies can be a great asset for your garden, especially in the context of natural pest control. Here are four simple tricks to attract more dragonflies.

How to Attract Dragonflies

1. Build a Backyard Pond
Ponds are crucial for dragonflies. Did you know that dragonflies spend as much as 95% of their life cycle under water? This document by the Migratory Dragonfly Partnership provides some great guidelines on constructing dragonfly ponds.

For example, dragonfly ponds should have a variety of water depths (the deepest being no more than 4 feet) to provide dragonfly nymphs varying water temperature conditions. The pond should also have a variety of vegetation to provide food and shelter for the nymphs.

Dragonfly Aquatic Plants

2. Plants that Attract Dragonflies
Plant a variety of plants around the perimeter of the yard and in the pond. The pond should have aquatic foliage like water iris and purple loosestrife that provides a passage for dragonfly nymphs to emerge from the water. You should also include submerged plants, such as wild celery, for adult dragonflies to easily deposit their eggs on.

Dragonflies Artificial Pond

3. Build a Water Feature
You could build or place a simple water feature, such as a garden fountain, if a pond isn’t an option for your yard. Place the fountain in a galvanized tub to provide the dragonfly nymphs ample space. Don’t forget to place a variety of rocks and aquatic plants to hasten their appearance.

4. Stop Using Pesticide
Pesticide doesn’t discriminate between good and bad insects. The likelihood of maintaining a dragonfly garden will be reduced drastically once pesticide is applied to the area.

The pesticide may also make its way to the pond and affect the aquatic organisms such as the dragonfly nymphs. Adult dragonflies aren’t the only contributors to natural pest control. The nymphs also play their part by eating the mosquito larvae in the water.