4 Simple Tips to Attract Birds to an Apartment Balcony

Set up a feeder on your apartment balcony but yet to see a single bird? Try these four simple tricks to encourage birds to visit your balcony.

How to Attract Birds to an Apartment Balcony

1. Add Plants to the Balcony
Birds are unlikely to find your balcony bird feeder, especially if you live in a high-rise apartment. You will need to attract them through other means like color and sound. Consider placing potted and hanging plants in your balcony to provide the birds a visual cue.

Attract Birds Running Water

The type of plant you get will depend on the species of birds you want to attract. For example, people who want to attract hummingbirds to their apartment balcony should get flowering plants like fuchsia, superbell, and cigar plants.

2. Add a Water Feature
Birds need fresh, clean water. If you live in an urban area where there’s a limited source of water then consider adding a water feature to the balcony. This could be as simple as a bird bath or a waterfall fountain. You may have better luck attracting birds with a waterfall fountain due to the sound of the running water.

Bird Food Mealworms

3. Use a Mix of Bird Food
Don’t just stick to one type of bird food. Add a variety to increase your chances of attracting a diverse population of birds. Other than wild bird seed, you may want to also incorporate meal worms and fruits to the bird feeder.

4. Playing Bird Recordings
Some bird feeder guides may recommend playing a bird call recording to attract birds to your apartment balcony. We would recommend limiting the number of times you play these recordings because they may have a harmful effect on certain species of birds.

For example, birds use sound to claim a territory. Playing a bird call recording may cause a bird to waste its energy and time seeking out a non-existent challenger in its territory.

It can take some time for birds to identify your balcony as a new source of food so give it a few weeks before you start experimenting with other methods. It will take a longer time during certain times of the year, like in summer, when there is plenty of food to go around.