Are Yellow Jackets Active at Night?

Yellow Jackets

No, yellow jackets are not active at night. They rest at dusk.

It’s best to apply eradication measures at night since there are minimal chances that a yellow jacket will sting you then. If the area around the nest is distant from human activity, you may let the insects live. They are important as they keep the population of other insects in check. Ensure there are no yellow jacket nests around when mowing the lawn.

Manual removal is the most effective method to get rid of yellow jackets. Seal the entrance with a stick and take note of the angle at which the stick is protruding. Estimate the position of the nest. Make a wasp spray with detergent and water. Remove the stick and quickly pour your mixture. Repeat the process until the buzzing stops—close entrance with a stick to prevent any survivors from escaping.

Use diatomaceous earth to help destroy the yellow jacket colony. The insects will carry the bait into the nest and share it with the queen and soldiers, and the entire population is wiped out in a few days.

Get rid of all food sources and cover all the garbage cans indoors and outdoors. Seal off any sweet smells. If you feel that the yellow jackets pose a danger to your family, call the wildlife department for help.