Are Spotted Lanternflies Poisonous?

Spotted Lanternfly

No, spotted lanternflies are not poisonous to humans and animals. There are no current scientific findings to prove that this pest is poisonous. However, if a pet accidentally ingests a spotted lanternfly, it can drool, lose appetite, or vomit. You should ensure you keep them away from kids too.

Known to have originated from China and South Korea, these flies eat a little bit of everything on a farm; they eat more than 70 plant species. Small as they are, these pests can cause a food crisis if they attack farms. Their honeydew attracts other pests to plants, making them even more dangerous. The infestation stunts a plant’s growth and reduces its production capacity. Lanternfly poop is also dangerous to plants.

Spotted lanternflies can send a neighborhood into quarantine. To avoid this, report any cases of spotted lanternflies to the relevant authorities. In case of a quarantine, all individuals in the area should follow the guidelines to curb the spread of the pest.

The wine industry receives a fair share of trouble from spotted lanternflies. Grapes are a major ingredient in the alcohol industry. When the pests destroy large portions of grape plants, it leads to decreased booze production.