Best Aquarium Fertilizer & Plant Food that’s Safe for Fish

Here is a list of aquarium fertilizer we recommend for pet fish owners are growing aquatic plants such as Java Moss, Amazon Sword, and Java Ferns.

Best Aquarium Plant Fertilizer

Seachem Flourish
This aquarium fertilizer can be used for a freshwater aquarium. It contains a variety of micro nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Flourish Fertilizer

The Positives
Safe for fish and invertebrate species like shrimps and snails.
The Negatives
Some customers have reported issues with the bottle not being fully sealed.

API Leaf Zone Aquatic Plant Food
A 16-ounce aquarium fertilizer bottle that contains chelated iron and potassium.

API Leaf Zone Plant Food

The Positives
Safe for live aquatic species. Works well even if aquarium is packed with aquatic plants.
The Negatives
May need to supplement with other fertilizers due to the API Leaf Zone only containing potassium and iron.

Carib Sea Eco Complete
This aquarium substrate is a great replacement for normal gravel because it will encourage healthy plant root growth.

Carib Sea Aquarium Substrate

The Positives
Contains major and minor trace elements. The substrate can be poured straight into the aquarium tank.
The Negatives
It may take some time for the dirt to settle down.

Aquarium Liquid Fertilizer vs. Root Tablets

Aquarium fertilizer typically comes in two forms: liquid and tablets. Both products work well but may have slightly different use cases. Typically, it depends on the type of aquatic plants you are growing in the aquarium tank.

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