How Do Aphids Look Like on Plants?


Gardeners find aphids challenging to deal with. These tiny insects multiply rapidly and can destroy your plants in a very short time. They are also easy to eradicate; you only need to identify them first.

Aphids are small pear-shaped insects with soft bodies. They are mainly green in color. However, some species exist in brown, white, grey, black, yellow, and pink colors. Their surface looks waxy and woolly.

Aphids have a pear-shaped body. They have antennae, and their nymphs and adults look alike. Additionally, they have two tube-like cornicles on their hind. Adult aphids are wingless. However, they can develop wings when they overpopulate so that some can fly off to other plants.

Adult aphids’ sizes range from 1/16 to ¼ inches. Nymphs are smaller compared to adults. This makes them hard to see with naked eyes. You may only discover them when they become full-blown adults.

Aphids love living under leaves. They love leaves because it is easier to suck plants’ juices from the soft leaves. Leaves also have a smaller membrane compared to the stem and roots. However, there are a few species of aphids that will attack the roots of a plant.