Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Ants in Flower Pots

Garden Ants

Ants are invasive pests that will nest anywhere they can find a good location with a reliable food source, and potted flowers will provide both.

Flowers and plants inside pots can attract small bugs called aphids that excrete sucrose, which ants love. Ants can also feed on other smaller insects hanging around the pot and on decaying plant matter. The dirt will also provide a perfect nesting spot for them, safe from predators inside your home and right below the food source.

To get rid of the ants, deal with the aphids on top of your plants, if there are any. Hose then down with water and pick any stragglers. This will also soak the soil, making it wet and rendering it undesirable for ants.

Another good way to do it is by drowning the ants in the pot by putting it inside a bucket filled with water mixed in with some soap. They will rush out of the soil in the nest and drown in the mixture. After doing this, wash the soap off of the pot and flowers.