What do Ants Love to Eat?


Ants come in all different shapes and forms, and their taste buds as well. There are over 12,000 different species of ants worldwide, and their total population vastly outnumber any other insect or animal, including humans. And while they are generally considered omnivorous, some might dislike certain food types, while others will have some preferences.

Out in nature, ants have to scavenge for food. When outside, ants will commonly feed on plants, fruits, and seeds that fall on the ground from vegetation, but they will also eat other insects and even dead animals.

When inside our homes, ants will scavenge for any food type left behind, regardless of what it is. These ants will feed on grains, pastries, sweets, fast food, drinks, or any other regular food. And since they are tiny, they can squeeze inside any space to look for extra food, making cleaning up essential to get rid of or avoid them altogether. So if you don’t want them in your home, there is no better way to get rid of ants than by making sure every corner is clean, be it on the ground or upon shelves, as they can crawl up there too.