Will Ants Eat Grass and Damage Your Yard?

Garden Ants

Ants do not eat your grass or kill your yard. Ants live to thrive in colonies. They may take a little bit of your grass seed but won’t actively feed on grass. The primary way ants will damage your yard is during the colony’s expansion because as ants dig new entrances to the colony, they will make large dirt piles in the grass. If too many of such entrances happen due to the colony’s extensive expansion, they may cause severe damage to your garden’s root systems.

If you’re looking for the actual culprits of the damage in your grass, there’s likely either a billbug (beetles) or grubs (worms) problem, as they eat a lot of grass. An infestation of any of these pests will ravage your grass, requiring quick action to avoid extensive damage that will be expensive to fix.

If you have fire ants in your yard, then you may have a reason for worry. These ants build extensive colonies that will quickly damage the soil and root system of your entire garden. They also have more than one queen, making these ants especially tricky to deal with.