How to Keep Ants Out of the Dog Food Bowl

Dog Food

Even when you keep dog food in airtight containers, there is a chance that ants will bore their way through. There are, however, ways to get these critters out of your pet food and prevent them from ever coming back.

Keep your pet food bowls clean at all times. Use dish soap and water as much as you can. Go a step further and clean the area they are located in. If you can, vacuum the surrounding areas. This minimizes the chances of ants becoming attracted to the bowls because of little crumbs in the surroundings.

Apply a line of petroleum jelly around the bottom edge of the bowl. This slippery line creates an invisible barrier that ants won’t be able to cross.

Alternatively, you can spray peppermint oil around the area of storage. You need to dab small volumes of this oil in strategic places to deter ants, who do not like the smell of peppermint. Use this oil sparingly because peppermint is harmful to some pets.

Alternatively, you can sprinkle baking soda around the bowl. This base dries them out, killing some of the ants before they are able to take the food back to their colony. For added efficacy, mix the base with a little confectioners’ sugar because it reels in ants.