Is Boiling Water an Effective Remedy for Killing Ants?

Boiling Water

Boiling water is an extremely effective and cheap way to dispose of ants, though the usage can be somewhat situational, as it has to be applied directly into their nest. Be mindful of using this method against extremely aggressive ants.

To effectively use it, you first need to spot their nest. If you know where the food source is, follow the ant trail back to their colony and look for a hole in the ground that gives their nest access. Then boil the water and pour it over the hole. Try using a kettle, as it allows control over where the water is poured.

When boiling water gets into direct contact with other surfaces, such as the soil, it will rapidly cool off. It’s important to keep this in mind, as some colonies will have huge and deep nests, with several sprawling tunnels. In this case, you’ll need to pour over water several times in big batches to make sure the queen is dead, as she is the main target. Killing lots of worker ants will only slow them down, but she’ll make more workers and rebuild the nest if the queen survives.