Why Ants Are Coming Out of Your Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Sink

The simple answer is food. Ants will mostly hang around and nest in areas where they can find a reliable food source, so if you find ants in your bathroom, the chances are that they have a food source nearby.

Many pests will find their way inside our homes in any way they can, doesn’t matter how small or inconvenient the entry point might be for them, including bathroom sinks. There could be many reasons for this, but the most common ones are cracks and damage to the plumbing.

Ants are tiny and can fit in the smallest of places, so any crack in your sink can turn into an entry point for them. But if your plumbing has any damages, it can be pretty difficult to pinpoint the location and deal with the problem without a professional’s help. Leakage can cause mold and wood to rot, making for the perfect nesting spot for carpenter ants.

If you find any ants in your bathroom in general, do a thorough clean-up, look for any cracks in the sink and seal them up. If the ant problem persists, look for damage in the pipes.