Why Ants Stay Away from Baby Powder


While ants may not be the most terrifying insects to infest your house, they can be quite a menace. It would be an inconvenience to dial up pest control every single time you notice a file of ants lining up from a crevice. Have you ever heard of somebody resorting to banish them away? It does appear strange that something as innocuous as baby powder can be fatal to ants but has been scientifically proven.

Author Dan Stein has elucidated how baby powder clogs up the skin pores of an ant through which they breathe in his Pratical guide to Least Toxic Home Pest Control. Baby powder contains a large quantity of talc which is an instrumental agent in absorbing moisture.

Talc is known to ring death bells for ants and they’re bound to scurry off at the mere scent of it. Some theorists claim that their capacity to absorb oxygen gets obstructed when fine particles present in talcum powder end up trapped in between their exoskeleton.

While it isn’t a registered form of pest control, it is an organic solution that has worked several times.Do not hesitate to sprinkle baby powder wherever there seems to be a threat of an ant invasion. You have nothing but a little bit of powder to lose, after all!