When Are Ants Most Active During the Day?


The species largely dictate ant activity, as some will thrive during summer, while others prefer the spring. However, most ants have a preference for warmer weather.

One of the most common species of ants found inside homes and considered a pest by many are the carpenter ants. These ants will be highly active during the summer, sending their swarmers to scout new spots to build their nest. But ants are resilient and numerous and will be active inside homes to find a warm spot to nest and food source day and night.

But the safest way to avoid any activity at all is not to have any ants in the first place. Ants will only nest where they can find a reliable food source, so getting rid of anything they use to feed on is essential. Keep food sealed, the trash outside, and pet food stored.

Also, contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants don’t eat wood. Carpenter ants only use wood as a nesting spot, chewing away and leaving the sawdust behind.