Is Ammonia Effective for Killing Gnats?


Ammonia is a great way to dispose of gnats and their larvae but needs to be handled with care, as it is toxic to humans, pets, and plants. There are several ways to get rid of gnats, and the first one should always be a thorough cleaning of the affected area, getting rid of the trash if it contains any organic matter, and scrubbing surfaces that had any contact with food. After all of that is done, there are still hard to reach areas that gnats can hide and propagate, like sink drains that also need cleaning. Pouring ammonia down the drain will help suffocate the gnats and their larvae and clean the organic matter pipes that attract more gnats.

But while ammonia is a natural way to do it, it’s still toxic and should be handled cautiously, as it can also damage the drain pipes. When choosing to use ammonia, use only about 200ml to 250ml of it, and dilute for a few hours before pouring down the pipe to minimize toxic gases and pipe damage.