Aloe Vera Plant Smells Bad like Onions – What to Do

Is there suddenly a bad onion smell coming from your aloe vera plant out of all places? There could a number of reasons for the stink, some of which could be due to the species of aloe you are growing and others could have to do with the overall plant care.

Confirm What Aloe Variety You Are Growing

The bad onion smell most likely has to do with the variety of aloe you are growing at home. Some varieties of aloe plant naturally have the stinky onion and garlic smell, which will be more noticeable when the gel inside the plant becomes exposed. For example, you may have a variety such as the Aloe vera ‘chinensis’, which may contain smelly yellow sap.

The Aloe Plant is Rotting

The stinky onion smell might also be a result of your aloe plant rotting in certain places. One of the most common plant diseases that aloe plants get is root rot, which typically occurs when the soil is over-saturated with water. Like many other succulents, aloe requires well-draining soil and deep but infrequent watering to thrive. The overly-damp soil isn’t just a problem for the plants. It will also cause the development of pests like gnats so it’s important to deal with this as soon as possible.

Aloe affected by root rot can be saved if the rot is identified at an early-enough stage. You will need to carefully take out the aloe from the root soil then snip off the roots that are beyond saving. Eventually, the funky onion smell from the aloe may disappear once it is back in a healthy state.

Rotting can also occur along the crown of the aloe plant. Unfortunately, these plants are much more difficult to save. You may need to start afresh by propagating the aloe plant. You will need to find a healthy offset of the dying aloe plant and move it to fresh, well-draining soil.

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