8 Creative & Cheap DIY Front & Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Have a boring front or backyard? Want to spruce it up a little? There are many benefits to having a beautiful yard next to your home. For example, if you want to sell your home then a beautiful backyard can help increase the property value.

Landscaping does not have to be expensive. In this article, we present eight ideas that you can do yourself to building a creative backyard or front yard.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Here are some cheap landscaping ideas to consider for the front yard.

Landscaping Solar Stump
Stump Solar Lights
This idea is very creative and makes use of old or recycled logs. Drill a hole into the center of the log then stick a light fixture on it. You can place these lamps next to the entrance or entrance path of the house. Bees wax gives the wooden stumps an extra touch.

Rope Light Path
Lighted Entrance Path
Give your home entrance a more dramatic appearance at night by attaching some rope lights to the side of the entrance path. This works great for occasions like Halloween.

Outdoor Pallets
Disposed wooden pallets can be used in many different forms. They can serve as a great landscaping addition to the front yard. Paint the pallets in bright colors then stack them next to the wall or fence. You can now start to grow small-to-medium sized plants in between the pallet holes.

Raised Garden Beds
You can construct a raised garden bed using all sorts of material, such as concrete and wood. Raised garden beds provide a number of benefits. From a health perspective, it reduces the strain on your back because you are having bend less to reach for the ground. The garden bed itself is also more manageable. Check out our raised garden bed page to learn more about these effective garden constructions.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Elf House Tree Backyard
Elf Tree House
Is there a tree in your backyard? Add a fairy tale twist by including some elf props to the trees. As shown in the image above, you can nail a few accessories like door and window decorations.

Pest Repelling Plants

Pest-Repelling Plants
Did you know that certain plants could help deter pests and rodents? Create a natural pest barrier around your backyard by growing plants such as basil (flies and mosquitoes), chrysanthemums (roaches, ants, and lices).

If you live in an area that receives very little rainfall then consider a concept called xeriscaping. This is a style of landscaping that requires little or no irrigation. The less irrigation your backyard requires, the more you save on your water bills. Xeriscaping isn’t just about growing planting that are drought-tolerant. It also involves other processes like the maintenance of well-drained soil.

Rain Barrels
Rain barrels can add a nice touch to the backyard. These barrels can kill two birds with one stone. They help you conserve water and make a great attraction to the backyard with their unique designs. You don’t necessarily have to buy a rain barrel. You can easily create your own by using a plastic drum or recycled barrel.

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