8 Fun & Creative Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

With the spring season coming up soon within the next few months, this is the perfect time to start planning out any fun landscaping ideas you may have for your front yard. As most home owners would know, the front yard can make a huge difference to property values. It’s no difference to you trying to making a good first impression to someone else. If your front yard has been dull for quite some time then try these eight creative landscaping ideas to give your front yard a good aesthetic boost.

Wooden Plank Walkway

1. Modernize your walkway

Is your walkway made of plain concrete? Give it a makeover by replacing the concrete with stones or pieces of wood. As you can see with the example, using wooden planks to connect your garden to your home is one inexpensive but beautiful way to modernize your home landscape. Make sure you use heavy pieces of wooden planks to keep the walkway steady!

Landscape Light Rope

2. Minimalist Lighting Effects

Front yard lighting does not necessarily have to just come from lamps or from lighting hung around trees. Have you ever thought of using the sides of the walkway instead? In the above example, a landscaper did something really smart by attaching rope lights to the side of the lawn barriers. This creates a great dramatic effect for your front yard. It’s easy to install and inexpensive. Make sure you get rope lights that are durable against most weather conditions.

Xeriscape Landscaping

3. Xeriscaping Method

Do you want to grow plants in the front but feel too busy to grow ones that require a lot of maintenance? Try the xeriscaping method. The principles of xeriscaping are pretty simple. You are pretty much picking plants that don’t require a lot of care and attention, especially when it comes to watering. This is also an excellent way of conserving on water costs. So what kind of xeriscape plants is available? A few cacti would be a good way to start. Other drought tolerant plants include the Portulaca, Coneflower, and the Lantana.

4. Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds can add a sense of structure to your front yard. They are also an excellent way to grow plants without having to break your back. The structure of the raised garden beds can be made from many different materials. You can choose from concrete, wood, rocks, or even recycled materials. In the end, it depends on what matches your overall front yard theme. Where would you place these raised garden beds? Some common places include the side of pathways or areas around your garden patio.

Vertical Gardening - Recycled Bottles

5. Build Vertical Gardens

DO you have plain old walls facing your front yard? Make them beautiful by building vertical gardens. The concept of vertical gardening may seem confusing simply because it seems impossible to grow plants on a vertical base but there are plenty of examples that show this concept is extremely real (check Pinterest out for some creative ideas). There are a number of different ways you can build vertical gardens. You can use meshes and wiring to hold the plants together or just use vertical stands that can hold plant containers and pots in place. We especially liked what was done in the above example because they made use of recycled plastic bottles to build a vertical gardening. Creative indeed.

Tiki Torches

6. Tiki Torches

This is a fun, inexpensive way to give your front yard a unique twist. Tiki torches (like the ones you would see in the Survivor TV show) is a fun way to give your front yard a tropical theme. It probably would not be a permanent lighting solution to your front yard but it would be a good temporary landscaping solution for special occasions. You can either build your own Tiki torches or buy ready-made ones online.

Gabion Walls

7. Gabion Walls

Gabions, which are cages or cylinders filled with rocks and pebbles, are an interesting way to build front yard walls and fences. We like Gabions because they are extremely sturdy and offer great protection against natural elements. Fight nature with nature by building these simple Gabion walls around your front yard.

8. Rain Barrels

We aren’t done just yet! One final recommendation we would like to make to boost your front yard appearance is to place some beautiful rain barrels. Not only do they add a nice touch to your yard, they also store rainwater, which allows you to save on water utility costs. Rain barrels can be easily made from all sorts of materials. They can also be made using recycled things. There are three main elements that are needed for these barrels to work. First, you need a faucet near the bottom of the barrel to be able to pour out the collected water. Second, you need a filter on top of the barrel to stop leaves and insects from entering the stored water. Last but not least, you want the barrels to be made of weather-durable materials.